Missions of Research Center for Food Safety

  • Research on risk assessment, control and information for food safety
  • Research on biological effects and utilization of food constituents
  • Research on biological effects and control of food contaminants
  • Research on development of functional foods and low risk foods
  • Training and education of researchers, administrative officials and other experts in food safety.
  • Training of experts in food safety in foreign countries, mainly in Asia-Pacific region.

Recently, “Food Safety and Confidence” have become a great concern in many countries including Japan. Food safety is guaranteed by scientific assessment, whereas food confidence is promoted by disclosure and publication of relevant information and crisis management measures, etc.

We will be continuously engaged in research and education on food safety and security. Through such activities, in addition to contributing to the research field, we will also provide the general public, governments and the private sector with information, train leaders with high levels of knowledge and skill through education of students from Asia as well as businesspersons, and closely collaborate with domestic and international organizations specialized in food safety.

WOAH Collaborating Centre for Food SafetyMay 29, 2009
The “Research Center for Food Safety” is endorsed to be a Collaborating Centre by OIE (Office International des Epizooties: World Organization for Animal Health).

Current Name:WOAH Collaborating Centre for Food Safety
OIE website:https://www.woah.org/en/home/