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Main articles published in academic journals

[ BSE, prion ]

Papers written in English

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  • Sugiura, K. and Smith, G. C. A comparison of the risk of BSE infectivity in beef from cattle younger than 21 months in Japan with that in beef from the United States as assessed by the carcass maturity score. J Food Protect 71:802-806, 2008.

Papers written in Japanese

  • Takeshi Onodera and Katsuaki Sugiura,
    The circumstances behind the outbreak of BSE and its countermeasures, The Japanese Society of Veterinary History Journal Vol. 47:1-20, 2010
  • Takeshi Onodera and Katsuaki Sugiura,
    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), prion disease and late-onset infection, Kanehara Shuppan, 2009
  • Takeshi Onodera,
    BSE and its diagnosis, Food Safety Dictionary, Edited by Japanese Society for Food Hygiene and Safety, Asakura Publishing, pp. 428-430, 2009
  • Katsuaki Sugiura,
    Current status of efforts for livestock feed safety and future challenges, Japanese Society of Animal Science Journal, Vol. 80, 419-428, 2009
  • Katsuaki Sugiura,
    History, current status and future challenges to secure livestock feed safety in Japan, Japanese Society of Animal Science Journal, Vol. 79, 445-458, 2008