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Division of Risk Control Science

Full-time Staff

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Immunoregulatory Lab. Associate Professor Satoshi Hachimura Food allergy and defense mechanism of the intestinal tract
Food functionality Science Lab. Associate Professor Satoshi Hachimura
Immunoregulatory Lab. Assistant Professor Haruyo Adachi Investigation into regulation mechanism of food allergy and development of new regulation system

Collaborating Staff

Agricultural and Environmental Biology Professor Keisuke Nemoto Transition of radioactive cesium to a rice plant
Applied Biological Chemistry Professor Tadao Asami Development of chemical regulation techniques for crop production
Applied Biological Chemistry Professor Ryuichiro Sato Study on functions of foods that contribute to prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
Aquatic Bioscience Professor Hideki Ushio Study on safety/security of marine food
Animal Resource Sciences Professor Yoshitsugu Matsumoto Study on control of protozoan/parasitic zoonosis for food safety
Veterinary Medical Sciences Professor Masatoshi Hori Investigation into abnormal enterokinesis through immune response and protection with natural materials.
Health Nutrition Specially Appointed Professor Hisanori Kato Investigation into mechanism for biological effect of food through nutrigenomics
Agricultural and Environmental Biology Associate Professor Hiroyoshi Iwata Technology development of next generation breeding in utilizing genome information and acceleration of breeding
Applied Biological Chemistry Associate Professor Shohei Sakuda Development of control method for mycotoxin contamination and investigation into its formation mechanism
Applied Biological Chemistry Associate Professor Mamoru Totsuka Reinforcement of biological defense mechanism by food factor
Global Agricultural Sciences Associate Professor Yasunobu Matsumoto Study on efficacy of mucosal immunization method and edible vaccines
Veterinary Medical Sciences Associate Professor Yoshiakira Kanai Molecular mechanisms of spermatogonial stem cell niche in mammals
Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services Associate Professor Eriko Yasunaga ・Investigation into transition process of radioactive substances in farm products and risk communication based on the elucidation
・Optimization of preharvest and postharvest technology in foodchain system
Animal Resource Science Center Associate Professor JunYou Li ・Study the antibiotic free feed of livestock
・Study the relationship between radioactive exposure with animal health
・Study the animal estrous cycle

Project Staff

Research Center for Food Safety Project Professor Takashi Yamakawa Production of heterogeneous protein through genetically engineered crops